Circle Game

Circle Game ©Tabetha Landt Hastings
I don't know what the reason, but lately I've been preoccupied with circles. And bubbles, spheres, disks, ellipses...you name it. Circular shapes, really. I'm not all that interested in perfect circles - I find perfection a bit dull.

This painting is just one of my recent works that showcases this shape (many of my paintings have moons in them - another preoccupation).  

What is it about these closed curves that have me wanting to explore? I don't know. Perhaps it's that every ending marks the start of something new. Maybe they remind me of portals to another time, place or dimension. Or it could be that I just really loved the way Glinda traveled around in the Wizard of Oz.

The original 16x20 painting is for sale, and the image is available on a variety of gift items including greeting cards, tee shirts, iPhone cases and even magnets. Also available in a fine art print.

Circle Game mug

Circle Game by TabethaLandt

My favorite Circle Game item? Interestingly, I think it's this travel mug. I love the way the image looks on the silver - it makes me think of an overcrowded galaxy where the planets all clustered together.

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