Leftover: New Abstract Painting Series

"Wash Away The Pain"
© Tabetha Landt Hastings
16x20 acrylic on canvas

I'm really excited about my new abstract series of paintings! It started as a challenge: use whatever paint was left over after my class left for the evening, enjoy the process, paint quickly, and don't get bogged down in details.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

I find that to teach - even art - I have to access the left (analytical) side of my brain. This is kind of the opposite way that I like to approach art. For me, art is a very right brained, intuitive and creative process (for the most part, but that is a whole other blog entirely). 
To teach, I need to be able to communicate to my students, analyze what they're doing, and help them to achieve their goals. All of that is fairly left brained. And as much as I love teaching, to be able to switch it off when they leave is a treat.


One evening after class I pulled out a canvas that already had some paint on it, and decided to experiment with some of the "left over" paint. "Experiment" is not really the right word... it kind of smacks of left brain, doesn't it? Let's say I decided to fiddle with it. Fool around. The idea was to enjoy the paint instead of looking for a specific result. 


It felt wonderful switching into pure creative mode after all of that thinking, analyzing, and communicating! And I've been pleased with the results. So now after class I turn on some jazz and work on my own creative endeavor. I still have to pull out that left brain towards the end of each painting in order to know when to stop, but the time in that creative space is pure bliss.


Want to Buy Original Art But Don't Know Where To Start?


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"I may not know anything about art, but
I know what I like."
(Sound familiar?)

Come out to First Friday and see what you like.

City Dwellers painting
"City Dwellers"
© Tabetha Landt Hastings
acrylic and oil on canvas 16x20
You don't have to be an expert to purchase original art, you just have to know what you like. And you're bound to find something you like at the art walk. All you have to do is come out, look around, see what moves you. Talk to the artists. Have fun with it.
Art is personal - don't worry about what anyone else thinks.

If you happen to fall in love with a piece of art, you should take it home. If you're budget conscious, many artists have surprisingly affordable originals for sale, and others (myself included...ahem) may be willing to work out a payment plan.
This Friday February 3rd, 6-10pm Studio One 802 Santa Fe Drive Denver 80204
Would you like to see your own art featured at Studio One? Email me with a few jpgs or a link to your website.
Tabetha, January art-walk

Pictures, pictures

Westword stopped by Studio One last month, and darned if my picture didn't show up on Westword.com, along with my studio-mate Wynne Reynolds, and one our First Friday artists, Paige Hill. Woohoo! Check it out and see if you recognize anyone else.
Happy Art Lovers!

If you've been to Studio One on a First Friday you've probably noticed me taking a whole bunch of pictures. I post those pictures to my Facebook page. Feel free to peruse the photos, and if you see yourself in one, tag yourself (you have to "like" the page first).

Click "display images" to view Koi swimming over rocks.

Giclee Prints

My new Koi painting is finished and was sold before the paint dried!  
Fear not: if you love the image you can still get it in a fine art Giclee print. Prints are available on stretched canvas, paper, or as an acrylic print.
To see what else is availble in print, check out prints.TabethaLandt.com

Other Cool Stuff
Please check out my online gift store!
My gift shop is a Zazzle store, so you can get any item personalized for no extra charge. It's pretty cool. I just ordered an iPhone case with one of my paintings on it - can't wait to get it!
Red Rocks mug
Red Rocks 

If you're going to order something from any Zazzle store (there are thousands), it's a good idea to get on their unlimited shipping plan. You pay just $9.95 a year and they'll ship your oder to any address in the US for FREE! They're offering a free 30 day trial right now, too.

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Silvery Moon Painting

"Silvery Moon"
Acrylic on Canvas 18x24
© Tabetha Landt Hastings

I finally got "SilveryMoon" framed, and I think this gold frame really compliments it. Despite the name of the painting, it has gold and copper paint in it as well as silver. (Click for larger view.)

If you're in the Denver area, please email me or call 720-295-5329 to set up an appointment to see it in person.

Affordable payment plans are available!

"Silvery Moon" is also available as a fine art print on archival paper, or on canvas. Click here to see all prints.


Circle Game

Circle Game ©Tabetha Landt Hastings
I don't know what the reason, but lately I've been preoccupied with circles. And bubbles, spheres, disks, ellipses...you name it. Circular shapes, really. I'm not all that interested in perfect circles - I find perfection a bit dull.

This painting is just one of my recent works that showcases this shape (many of my paintings have moons in them - another preoccupation).  

What is it about these closed curves that have me wanting to explore? I don't know. Perhaps it's that every ending marks the start of something new. Maybe they remind me of portals to another time, place or dimension. Or it could be that I just really loved the way Glinda traveled around in the Wizard of Oz.

The original 16x20 painting is for sale, and the image is available on a variety of gift items including greeting cards, tee shirts, iPhone cases and even magnets. Also available in a fine art print.

Circle Game mug

Circle Game by TabethaLandt

My favorite Circle Game item? Interestingly, I think it's this travel mug. I love the way the image looks on the silver - it makes me think of an overcrowded galaxy where the planets all clustered together.

Click here to check out more Circle Game gifts, and let me know what your favorite is! 


New Fine Art Print: Letting Go

Letting Go
acrylic on board
Tabetha Landt Hastings

Good news: my painting "Letting Go" is finally available as a fine art print!

Choose from four different sizes on canvas or paper. Prices start at just $24.00! Oh - and it's also available as a customizable greeting card (as are all of my prints).

You can find all that and more at: prints.tabethalandt.com

Would you rather have the original painting? It's still available, and we could even set up a payment plan! Email me for more info!


Forest for the Trees: new series!

Forest for the Trees is a series of twelve little paintings of lush green trees that I painted this summer. I was inspired by the texture of the bark, and the colorful foliage in the background.

Each painting is 4" square and 1.25" deep. They look great in different arrangements on a wall, or can stand on their own on a flat surface like a shelf or mantle.

I was really happy when Tamra snapped up two of these little paintings. This makes four of my paintings in her and her husband Ed's collection! 

There are still ten little forest paintings left. Click here to view the entire series.